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Afterbirth - In But Not Of

In But Not Of

Gentle space hog sounds can't stop listen

Grug wonder what 'Afterbirth' mean. Grug born already. Reading person born already. All living things born already? Do 'Afterbirth' mean all things that have been born? Every living creature?

Maybe everything clear now. Everything happen in front of Grug! So many sounds! Not every sound, but wow! Strange how sounds change, move here, move there, then go back! Grug love it! Sounds change so much, Grug think maybe mistake made, maybe Grug listening to different music maker now? Wonder how it all flow together so good. First half album angry! Second half feel like floating between sky lights. Flow together so smooth.

Grug used to pig vocals sounding very angry. Here, pig vocals give Grug big hug. Feel good. So many different noises. All play nice with guitar, bass, and hit stick drum. Sounds very good! Spinny guitar dance around like fire shadows on cave wall. Bass sound like fat worm, make Grug think of thick worms under Grug's fingers!

When finish listen Grug listen again immediate! Grug feel like so many good small moments all work so well together. Grug not easy pick favourite parts. Album too full of them.

Grug favourite parts:

  1. Hovering Human Head Drones 00:00 - Would you believe Grug if said intro recorded in cave?
  2. Devils With Dead Eyes 00:26 - Evil laugh big surprise so fun!
  3. In But Not Of 02:30 - Grug feel dreaming and not touching the ground.
  4. Angels Feast On Flies 02:13 - So pretty! Vocals that not pig? Wat!?! Grug surprise happy!
  5. Time Enough Tomorrow 01:45 - Guitar here feel like sitting with best friend next to fire.
  6. Vivisected Psychopomp 00:00 - First smash with club! Then regret! No!

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Grug Rate: 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 (5 out of 5 fires)