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Bull of Apis Bull of Bronze - The Fractal Ouroboros

Bull of Apis Bull of Bronze
The Fractal Ouroboros

Welcome our rebirth! Around my neck!

Grug like walk and hear music. Ritual for Grug to wander outside cave with headphones. Walk up, walk down! Grug dogs follow first but then realize they no go walkies and just watch Grug walk around. Walk make easy for Grug focus on music, almost like meditate. Grug try hear everything and try understand. Grug think of how people make music and what make them go this way or that. The Fractal Ouroboros feel like it made for Grug. Every part feel right for Grug walk ritual.

So fun to say name this band. Feel like cast magic spell! Like summon ancient spirits! Grug love that cover and lyrics add to feel important. If no listen this yet Grug think you listen with read lyrics must! Words make poem. Flow so nice. Make think. Not just about evil or sads. Important for society. Spoken word feel so good!

Shield the eyes to block the light
And remove oneself,
Indistinct of air, and water,
And earth, sighing deeply.

Come back to this album for more listen so easy. So immediate feel engulf. Ambiance play so important role for that. Grug would listen if Bull of Apis Bull of Bronze make whole album just black metal. Grug would listen if Bull of Apis Bull of Bronze make whole album just ambient/drone. Grug think perfect balance here! Album with identity, not just many songs together.

Guitar sound stunning. So big! Big snow storm mountain soaring tremolo! So many times grug feel guitar pierce into mind! Some parts make go "heck yeah" some parts give Grug goosebumps! Parts calling back to other songs make song family. Grug adore guitar feedback. It big player in album. Happen on most songs. Like secret man peek behind curtain. Come on stage for big moments! Know something important happen when guitar feedback sounds come! Grug love how express vocals from talk to sad to shout to fire. Hear and feel what being said. Work so great as extra instrument and as cling to words.

This earth's frigid corpse hangs as a corona
Around my neck.
I was made to consume everything

Grug feel big connect this music. Music so good for ritual walk. From scary forest fire to calm relax around fire. Bull of Apis Bull of Bronze masters of movement. Moving music ideas from calm to power. High and low. Long passages of think. Fast passages for angry! Ritual for keeping things moving. Ritual for change. For keep getting better. Difficult to make things better. Always worth though.

Grug favourite parts:

  1. Suffocate O Earthen Lungs; They Now Lungs of Ash 05:31 - This drop feel like heart sink into Grug stomach. Ooof.
  2. Annihilation 06:31 - When go from speak to shout. Build up pay off here. Make feel so alive!
  3. Our Overt Apocalypse 08:20 - Even though guitar play this before. Here it feel like guitar escape from cage. A fresh breath after suffocating for many days. Welcome our rebirth!
  4. A History of Cages and Broken Bones 02:28 - So sad and hopeless feel. Then vocals make it clear that you no feel good anytime soon!
  5. Trophy 03:33 - Guitar wall feel like someone shouting in face when sleeping. When all music start after long intro Grug feel child joy.
  6. Liberation Ritual 05:00 - Last section here remind of Current 93. More spoken word black metal yes!

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Grug Rate: 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 (5 out of 5 fires)