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Crow Black Sky - Sidereal Light - Volume Two

Crow Black Sky
Sidereal Light - Volume Two

Crow Black Sky Caw Caw but space!

Grug not like crows. Crows kaa kaa and keep Grug from sleep in cave. Sleep in cave need for Grug health. Need go out cave. To be outside. Grug love tiny shiny light in sky. Fren tell Grug each light big, just far. Grug shake head because no make sense.

Make sense is star light music! Music feel grand. Feel big. Feel special. Feel like Grug angry floating. Calm in space cave seeing beautiful many colours but so fast. Bright and flow. Fly like eagle! Or Crow!?

Words rhyme so nice. Make Grug feel calm and peace when reading. Also hearing them from shout. Shouts many different and good all make Grug want to practice. Grug learn that "Sidereal" does not mean being real on side. Grug learn that Hyphal mean long structure thing, like songs! Sophic mean wisdom. Grug feel much stronger in think head after this.

All best music make Grug feel like time stop. Best music make Grug feel something important happen. This best music and from beautiful place South Africa.

Grug have starlight in eyes.

Grug favourite parts:

  1. The Sapien Shadow 05:44 - Fall in ocean so enormous
  2. Omniscient 03:30 - Jumpy stars make heart full. Make Grug want cry.

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