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Frog - Grog


Got shit to beg or borrow

Grug say it simple. Grug love Frog. Grug love Grog.

Grug excite to build so easy name shrine. More shrine, more music need short name like Grog, like Frog. Make Grug heart light. Grug make mouth smile. Maybe like real drink grog. This mush nicer.

Song live in head so long. Song not leave Grug head. Hum under moon, hum under sun. Feel human. Feel like part of tribe who have fun. Like friends made something and Grug get to listen. Friends you care about much. Music warm like fire. This comfy music. Music that make feel it’s going to be okay. Music feel like sleeping over in frend’s cave. Music feel like having good time in place you never go again. Music feel like give Grug confidence that Grug can sing and have okay life.

Grug find hard to put words to feels. Music take Grug to old and new places in heart. Strange for Grug because sometimes sound like music Grug dad always enjoy. Grug not that old, but have feels for happy but also sad music. Maybe this feeling called Joy.

Grug favourite parts:

  1. Black on Black on Black 00:11 - Stuck in Grug head so long and chorus so perfect!
  2. So Twisted Fate 1:11 - So pretty piano but when other instruments join strong and nice!
  3. Maybelline. 02:00 - Ahooooooo. Ahoooooooo. Song make Grug dog howl!
  4. 420!! - 01:14 - Smile for so high voices. Want dance!

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Grug Rate: 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 (5 out of 5 fires)