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Infant Island - Obsidian Wreath

Infant Island
Obsidian Wreath

Burning embers pressed against Grug chest.

There something so great about when cover look so much like music sound. Grug big sucker for purple covers and Grug love these types sounds. Not hear for long time. Highlight feelings of bad all around. Urgent like thunder but close like shadows!

Screaming like this does something magic to Grug ears. Move between black metal screams and say some words clean very effective. Sometimes word much clearer hear. Sometimes voice is not hear words and more use like shout instrument. Many strings and feels in music. Beautiful guitar. Wide guitar. Feel big not in mountain or fight way but big in stars and planets dance way, open like dreams.

All flow so well like river. All feel hopeless. Very devastate. Journey of no return for many humans. Many albums feel intense emotion but end hopeful. Feel like can change. Here less feel of change. Here feel of accept bad fate because how bad world get. Parts here that make Grug immediately go back while song still playing to hear again. Feel so good as album. Work together so well with different genres. So pretty, but make Grug feel hurt, same time!

As your walls hold & hang,
all fearful merits.
And with you, they will
crumble, tall.

This album make Grug excited about the future of music. Many time metal music make feel like epic places. Like on mountains or in castles! Here, music take you inside body. Maybe you no believe, but Grug actually levitate in cave while listening this album. Especially if eyes closed.

Grug favourite parts:

  1. With Shadow 01:58 - This part hit hart hard but also comforting cuddle you same time.
  2. Found Hand 0:00 - Grug have soft spot for ambient and shout shout. What brutal pictures put into head.
  3. Vestygian 03:03 - This peak put nice bow on whole amazing album.
  4. Veil 02:35 - Crowd vocals. Beautiful melodies. Furious drum buildup. How wonderful!

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Grug Rate: 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 (5 out of 5 fires)