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Sublation - On the Advancement of Decay

On the Advancement of Decay

This little grug have many gifts

First time Grug see album Grug think man on cover stepping on ants. Grug really HATE ants! Grug no idea what "sublation" mean. Big word. Grug Google. Mean to make take or carry away? Grug want step on tiny red people ants. Tiny red people ants must sublate!

Grug not listen tech death music in while. Few season ago Grug would only listen it! Grug love tech death have feels. Have melody. Have punch. Where all instrument are family around fire. Riffs easy stand out make Grug happy. Love feeling humans play amazing guitar. Not just inhuman magic grugs making illusion. Here very human! Human that happy, full of life, and human that sad, dying. Still, guitar dance everywhere, especially early songs. Grug used to one solo. Here so spoiled. So many solos. Make Grug feel getting gifts over and over. When think finally done, one more solo!

Grug often have good idea in head and then when make in real it not good. Grug feel strong music. Music sure of itself. Feel like exactly what Sublation want make and they make great! Parts here make Grug think of The Black Dahlia Murder in all the best ways. Grug enjoy different metal sounds mix like river currents! Like when rain and sun shine! Still very obvious same amazing band!

A void painted black, nothing but time is left
Every planet consumed and every star is dead

Grug not sure about sharing story. When Grug little, pretend to play music. Hold stick, like guitar. Shout, scream, jump. Grug have special heart beat for music because this exactly type of music Grug would pretend play on pretend stage and feel so pretend cool.

Grug wish this music Grug make.

Grug favourite parts:

  1. Born Out of a Whim 02:41 - Few things Grug love more than this type soaring guitar.
  2. Congenital Putrescence 1:52 - Guitar go WHELLEHWHLHELWHEHEWLHWLELHEW sound of Super Mario jumping down a pipe.
  3. Idiopathic 03:11 - Lead guitar pretty. But Grug think lead guitar's fren, rhythm guitar, more beautiful!

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