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Sufjan Stevens - Javelin

Sufjan Stevens

Blanket comfort Grug safe

What these feels? Grug no feel smash and make fire? Grug feel… Sad? Happy? Sappy? Many feels many hooks in brain. Grug hum many days. How music sounds able change feels in Grug brain? Magic! Make no sense.

Listen this make Grug think of many baby Grugs play in cave and older Grugs watch them. Little Grugs feel safe. Safe that come from how pretty and honest song here. Grug miss when small and sky big and worry small. But no need for sad to dance with music here. Like fire burn Grug but also cook food, songs make sad but also make sad go away!

Many music make talent visible by playing really well. Many just play fast! Here, talent is many beauty and full of think words and instruments. Make brain feel colourful like flowers. Grug heart big like mammoth. Heart full like when Grandma Grug bring treats. Grug face hurt from smile. Grug not have word-sounds for big-wow in chest.

Grug favourite parts:

  1. Genuflecting Ghost 0:00 - Pretty string pull Grug to sky.
  2. Will Anybody Ever Love Me? 02:35 - "I really want know" flow like river to big water chorus.
  3. My Red Little Fox 01:21 - Bells and choir. Bright water drops in sun-glow!
  4. Shit Talk 04:05 - Grug don't want fight at all.

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