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Ch'ahom - Knots of Abhorrence

Knots of Abhorrence

Grug trade club for whistle!

Grug talk about music make fight. Music make sad. Music make so many everything. But nothing more close to Grug sounds than this. Sounds like home cave! Sounds like Grug heart!

So strange sounds! Flutes like bird calls! Whistles like wind through rock! Spirits sing, make Grug fear, but also wonder. Big sound. Strong. Feel cave walls come closer and closer and squeeze Grug breathe away. Grug ready for war-dance, fight other Grugs. Grug worry, fire makers come burn Grug home!

Dance around fire music. Drum and ancestors and shadows and smoke in Grug eyes. Smoke in Grug lungs. Grug see things not there. Grug hear new things every time listen! Whistles at start of songs sharp like eagle cry. Drums thunder like sky shout! Guitars dance like shadows in firelight, side to side. Sometimes perfect together. Sometimes each doing own thing. Guitars hunt together, but each burns with own fire.

Cover show pretty picture, but not tell true story of music. Music no that. Cover make Grug think nice and pretty but music like breathing deep from fire's heart. All Grug favourite music make Grug go on journey. This spirit walk full of old fear, from days when colour not yet born. Time where all Grug always kill other Grug. Not like now when Grug more safe. Grug listen this music before going hunt!

Look! Grug think Grug cave look better than pals' cave!

Grug favourite parts:

  1. Chavín de Huántar 05:33 - So strange sounds from keys. Tinkle like raindrops on stone, man's gasp like hunting breath!
  2. Path to Ixtab 07:00 - So many angry sounds. Stretch out flesh over cave entrance.
  3. Knots of Abhorrence I 00:00 - Every song begin whistle and strange. This Grug favourite. When man start whisper Grug shiver.

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